The Best of the DTO - "The 5th Decade"

The Dick Tady Orchestra is no stranger to polka music and they’re no stranger to professional  recording sessions.  With over 16 professionally produced and recorded albums to their credit, with one being nominated for a Grammy Award and one of their single recordings being on a Grammy Winning album with Canada’s Polka King – Walter Ostanek, they decided it was time to bring some of those old dusty recordings out for a “spin” in the digital world.

The concept was simple; lets up date the sounds of the first recording, from back in 1963, and everything since and clean up the pops and clicks that LP records have, or the mushy, worn, wavy sound of that old 8-Track or Cassette audio tape and give it a new sparkle.  With that, “The Best of the DTO – The 5th Decade” series was born.  But, they didn’t stop there.  

The early days of recording for the DTO involved studios that only had 4 individual tracks to record all of the instruments and voices, which really handcuffed them as recording artists.  While the recordings sounded good, it limited them on what options they had for adding any additional instrument or vocal parts.  But, in today’s recording world, there are many more available tracks options  that can be used.  The DTO took the opportunity to open more tracks for some of the original songs and add additional tracks, enhancing the listening experience.  So, back then, a song like “Polka Country” could only have guitar in it and no banjo because of the track limitations.  So, when you hear “Polka Country” on the “Best Of” CD, you get to not only hear the song with the original guitar, but the driving sound of the banjo as well.

Additionally, back in the early days of recording, you were limited on the length of time and space you had on a LP record,  8-Track Tape and/or Cassette Tape.  While there are still limitations on an audio CD, the amount of time on a CD has over doubled the amount of time available from the LP or Tape from “back in the day”.  So, the DTO was able to release all 16 albums of yesterday on 4 CD’s.  And, this left enough time on each CD for them to record some new material.  It’s a “win-win” situation for everybody.  These four CD’s are, truly, the BEST OF THE DTO!!!

Additional Recordings Available